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Fresh from Peru
DelissePremium Quality Coca Tea Bags


From Peru!

Amazing Healthy Delisse Coca Tea in Convenient Tea Bags

IMPORTANT – These bags are not in the usual Delisse retail box, as they were sent to us in bulk.  They are the exact same product we’ve all come to know and love, just sent to you bulk-packed in a single bag.  Please transfer them to an airtight container as soon as you open the package.

  • Top quality coca tea bags, 100% imported from Peru – home of the world’s finest coca tea.
  • Minimally processed with all coca alkaloids present.
  • Crushed from freshly dried whole coca leaves for a wholesome and invigorating experience.
  • Can be used for making hot or cold coca tea beverages, and also as a dietary supplement.
  • Freshest and tastiest possible product.
  • Safe domestic delivery.  Shipped from within the USA.

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This product is changing lives.  Learn how Nature’s miracle herb has helped so many of our customers. Check out the reviews below…

  Reviews for Delisse Coca Tea Bags

54 reviews for Delisse Coca Tea Bags

  1. Anonymous

    Great price and prompt delivery.

  2. Brian Pasquine

    This tea is awesome I’m happy that they reached out to me as I had been on a waitlist for over one year, despite that, I had forgotten all about it. It’s equivalent to 3-4 cups coffee and shipped within one week. AWESOME 👏

  3. greg

    It’s the real thing will be ordering more, thanks!

  4. Anonymous

    Just enjoyed my first cup! I am sensitive to stimulants & find caffeine overwhelming if I have more than 10mg (a cup of coffee is 80mg!) Coca tea is a much better fit for my body chemistry I find it quite energizing without the anxiety & burnout I get from caffeine. Much better quality than I was able to get in Chiapas: the southernmost state in Mexico.

  5. Anonymous

    Quickly shipped and received. I live at a high altitude (for the US) and hope the tea will alleviate some of my symptoms. Only had time for one cup so far and it was tasty and noticeably effective. I am sure I will be back for more.

  6. Tyler

    Fast delivery and Great tasting tea! Thank you!

  7. James N.

    Shipping speed was phenomenal. Seriously fastest shipping I’ve ever experienced. Delisse tea bags were great. I think I prefer Windsor tea bags but I’m not too picky! Thank you!

  8. Jack

    Great customer service and quick delivery

  9. James Nicklow

    Seriously the fastest shipping I’ve ever experienced on the internet. Incredible. My first time trying Delisse, good stuff. I’d rather have whole leaf, but it gets the job done! Thanks!

  10. Mary

    Shipping was super fast, and the tea arrived from within the US as promised. Also Terry is quick to respond, so thank you for that. I’m a new customer but will definitely be a repeat customer.

  11. Mary H.

    Product and service are great!!! The effects of the tea were not what I expected. I initially purchased hoping to help me with energy but found it to also help me with peace, mental clarity and motivation. This is a huge blessing for me. I only wish I could make it stronger or be able to try the powder to cut down on expenses and use more often. Thank you teaforlifeusa.

  12. Mark

    Fast shipping and fresh tea. I dont see how it could get any better! Wish it was more plentiful but that is no fault of Tea for Life USA!

  13. Anonymous

    Tea for Life USA has the fastest shipping for Coca Tea I have ever come across click to door in 3 days, the tea is amazing so fresh just like I remember from my many weeks spent in Peru wonderful memories thank you very much!

  14. David K.

    We didn’t really know what to expect. My wife had COVID in December and she just can’t seem to get her energy back, it’s got her pretty depressed, so this was a last resort for her. It seemed to lift her spirits a little, so worth every penny thank you so much.

    • Tea Lover

      Hi David,

      You know, fate and history are strange things. Given my history with coca tea, and the energy giving and immune-boosting properties I have personally discovered with it, I’m frankly not surprised it has helped with a COVID-19 case.

      But we have never had a report that it has benefited someone with this particular ailment, because, as the way the pandemic has played out, we were not able to offer this incredible gift of nature just at the time when our customers needed it most 🙁

      Just days after we were able to get the back into the country, we received your comments that it helped your wife. You have affirmed our mission and doubled our resolve.

      How ironic that a simple herbal tea has provided relief from COVID symptoms, yet it remains so incredibly difficult to obtain!

      This is why we fight on.

      Thank you for sharing this with us, it gives us hope and renewed determination to keep bringing this miracle herb to our valued customers.

      Mike and Terry, the Tea Lovers

  15. Anonymous

    I use the tea mainly for traveling to altitudes over 5000 ft. Really works to eliminate or suppress altitude headaches. Also my husband finds it enormously helpful with his hand joint stiffness. He puts a teabag in his mouth between cheek and gum.

  16. Cynthia

    Great tea and arrived on time.

  17. Rosalind

    A little pricey, but worth it since getting it yourself is pretty much impossible. I use it to treat my asthma and for me it works better than any of the prescription management drugs and also doesn’t come with the lengthy list of side affects. Great product and speedy delivery. Thanks for having this available! 🙂 Would definitely recommend.

    • Tea Lover

      Thanks for your thoughts Rosalind. The tea definitely does seem to help some types of asthma. It makes sense, as it’s given to people in the high mountains of Peru to cope better with altitude sickness. Coca tea is believed to help oxygenate the blood, and so it must allow the lungs to work more efficiently.

      We hear you on pricing. Our mission was always to bring this special product to our shores at most reasonable prices. Due to the pandemic, we only had a small shipment in this time, and had to pay a substantially higher price that we used to during better times. We continue to put our efforts into securing more supply and drive down the prices again.

      Stay well!

  18. Seth

    Eerily fast shipping, amazing product. You can’t go wrong with these guys.

  19. Tommy

    Can anyone please tell me if any of these products are made from decocainized plants, that would totally suck

    • Tea Lover

      Hey Tommy. Our Delisse coca tea bags and powders are minimally processed, and *all* alkaloids are present 🙂

  20. Julia

    As described. Thanks for making consuming this possible!

  21. Anonymous

    Love this tea! Fast delivery!

  22. Julia

    As advertised. Fast handling time.

  23. Julia

    I was worried about buying these but it’s all good! Fast shipment after I paid. Quality product. Thanks so much!

  24. Anonymous

    Consistently fresh! and soo good!

  25. Kyle


  26. Jason Smith

    Very nice tea found my new morning love

  27. Anonymous

    I am so pleased about my tea! It came quickly and tastes great!

  28. Anonymous

    The real deal.

  29. Jason Smith

    Was kinda scared ordering but product came quick really enjoyed the tea nice pick me up wish the powder was in stock thanks

  30. DANNY V.

    Delivered on time and as advertised.

  31. Anonymous

    Freshest tea out there! Super fast delivery! Excellent customer service! Love love them!

  32. Erin

    I lived in Peru when I was younger and we had this tea every day! I was so excited to see that I could get it delivered to me here! The delivery was super quick, and I’m so excited to be able to drink this again!

  33. William Scott

    Thank you for the personal delivery!

  34. Anonymous


  35. Christine

    Great service with super fast shipping

  36. Anonymous

    Awesome product! Fast delivery!

  37. Anonymous

    Arrived early. Great service and tea. Will be ordering more!

  38. Tanya

    I am so pleased with this purchase! Arrived earlier than expected and takes me straight back to Peru. I live at 30 feet above sea level, and my boyfriend lives at 7500 feet. A cup of this tea a day helps me acclimate when I visit him.

    I was a bit skeptical about whether this website was a scam – especially when it came to payment. But it’s legit! I will absolutely be purchasing more.

    THANK YOU for making this tea available!

    • Tea Lover

      Hey Tanya, we love that you love our tea, and we love a romantic story too!

      Now your boyfriend will know that it’s real because you have no other reason to be breathless when you visit him, other than love 🙂

      Maybe we should rename to Tea for Love USA haha.

  39. Cynthia

    Very steady energy and consistent feeling of well-being. Very much am enjoying either in place of coffee or in addition to one cup of coffee. Have been able to cut back on coffee. I use two bags at once so am definitely going through a box quickly. Will order more.

    • Tea Lover

      Thanks Cynthia, we love the tea bags, being so versatile and great to share with friends.

      Have you considered trying the tea powder along with an AeroPress? An AeroPress will allow you to make a stronger tea with less product, as the pressurized extraction technique draws out a lot more of the good stuff that regular brewing can leave behind. The powder can pack a bigger punch due to the very small particle size, which increases the surface area that the water comes into contact with, resulting in a stronger brew.

      The powder also doubles as a very nutritious food, and we recommend swallowing any remaining powder after making tea with it, for a sustained energy burst, gastrointestinal health and increased nutrient intake.

      The Delisse tea bags are wonderful, but their coca powder is next-level!

  40. Anonymous

    Ordering and processing went smoothly and all my questions were responded to. The tea is the same delicious tea I enjoyed everyday while in Peru. Thank you!

  41. Christopher

    Product is good quality and as described, better prices than the other US tea vendors I found, quick shipping, no hassle. Very satisfied. You snagged yourselves a return customer. Cheers!

  42. Jackson S.

    1st off, the shipping was amazing!

    I received my delivery 2 days before anticipated, and I was kept in the loop through the whole process! Using PayPal was a piece of cake, and I never once felt like there was a chance I was being scammed.

    As for the product, it was exactly as described! 2 tea bags makes a delicious & uplifting brew that, even a couple weeks in, I’ve yet to notice a negative side effect from! What has really surprised me though is the lack of diminishing returns that you get from most psychoactive substances. The cup I drank this morning felt roughly the same as the cup I drank the first night I received my order. Nothing overwhelming mind you, but an alertness & calm sort of clarity that I find to be lacking in large doses of caffeine.

    As a recovering habitual addict of about any substance you can think of, it’s refreshing to find something so immediately helpful that doesn’t make you pay for that help later, without the need to exponentially increase your intake. My next adventure will be testing out my new Aeropress with some of the ground leaf-powder. From what I’ve read, that’s the optimal way to enjoy this wonderful botanical. I’ll be sure to let everyone know how it goes!

    Thank you, Tea for Life USA! Your excellent service & amazing product have earned you a regularly returning customer. In other words…

    Tea for Life, you’ve got Me for Life!!!

    • Tea Lover

      Hey Jackson,

      We’re overjoyed that you are so pleased with our product!

      As you have discovered, it has a noted ability to control cravings of almost any kind. I think we’ve all been hooked on something or other in our lives, from sugar to caffeine to all the “hard stuff” options.

      You’ve also hit the nail on the head about tolerance…this gift of nature keeps on giving and giving, with what might the rarest of virtues in all of the medicinal plant kingdom – no cravings, no withdrawal, no need to increase dose. It’s a plant that gives so much, and never takes anything away – no wonder the ancient Inca revered it as their goddess of health and joy – Mama Kuka (Mother Coca)!

  43. Karen

    Fast delivery. Excellent.

  44. Anonymous

    incredibly fast and soo fresh! Loved the tea!

  45. Lynda

    Fast & efficient just as stated- thanks 👍🏻😎👍🏻

  46. Teresa

    Great tea, fresh! Awesome service! Got it in two days!

  47. Anonymous

    Great product. Fast shipping.

  48. Donna

    Be careful if you are urine tested at work…it comes up positive. Cheek swabs seems to be fine. Helps a lot with arthritis and energy levels are much better!

  49. Sharyn

    Very pleased! Will order more soon!

  50. Larissa G.

    Great taste! Speedy delivery!

  51. Anonymous

    Very good, all the way around. Tea & service. Thanks

  52. Paul Sullivan

    Nice even pick me up through the day, good taste and as advertised.

  53. Margaret

    ENERGY is my mantra as I enter the 6th decade of my life – getting it, chasing it at times, and trying to sustain it throughout the day. Diagnosed with an under-active thyroid about 15 years ago, my rockstar energy came to a screeching halt until I figured it out and started on synthetic thyroid meds. My morning ‘go to’ drink now starts with this tea and a cafe chaser. I drink at least 2 quarts throughout the day and it helps . . . a lot. Terry, I hope you never run out. I look forward to trying the powder when it’s back in stock. Thank you 🙏 for your quick shipping and your interest in my feedback.

  54. Vince M.

    Very convenient to work with. Shipped next day.

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