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Delisse Coca Tea Powder

Fresh from PeruDelissePremium Quality Coca Tea Powder

Original price was: $429.00.Current price is: $389.00.

From Peru!

This is the Amazing Healthy Delisse Coca Tea Powder You Have Been Looking for!

  • Potent A-Grade, native Peruvian product.
  • Finely-ground whole leaf powder (also known as “coca flour”).
  • Can be used for making hot or cold coca tea beverage, and also as a dietary supplement or cooking ingredient.
  • Freshest and tastiest possible product.
  • Supports a healthy gut microbiome for gastrointestinal health.
  • Regulates sugar (carbohydrate) metabolism and increases ketosis for weight maintenance.
  • Temporary appetite suppressant, used to control food and caffeine cravings.
  • Brew with an AeroPress for the ultimate coca tea experience.
  • Safe domestic delivery.
  • Shipped from within the USA.

Check out our Coca Tea Preparation Guide for the best way to make coca tea.

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Delisse Coca Tea Powder - 1-Kilogram (2.2 pounds) Pack Original price was: $429.00.Current price is: $389.00.

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This product is changing lives.  Learn how Nature’s miracle herb has helped so many of our customers. Check out the reviews below…

 Reviews for Delisse Coca Tea Powder

65 reviews for Delisse Coca Tea Powder

  1. Trish

    High quality, fast shipping, great price, and excellent customer service. Thank you so much for your hard work bringing the tea!

  2. Scott

    Shipping was great. Very fast. The product quality is spot on. The real deal. Arrived discreetly. The tea tastes fresh. Only downside is the price hike on the bulk powder. A discount or coupon code for repeat customers would be greatly appreciated.

    • Tea Lover

      Hi Scott, thanks for your review. We’re very pleased with the quality of the powder, it hasn’t diminished at all from the memories of it two years ago.

      We hear you on pricing, and are working on it. We’ve kept our price increases as low as we could. Despite losing many shipments over the past couple of years, we haven’t incorporated any of those losses into the higher pricing. The increase is mostly due to much higher shipping and handling costs than we used to have. Sadly in these times, everything’s gone up.

      Once our supplies have stabilized, and our import quantities increase, the economies of scale will allow us to lower our everyday pricing, and begin to offer repeat customer discount codes once again. It may take a few months, and we hope global conditions allow this to happen. We never will give up in our mission, regardless of the many obstacles 🙂

  3. Alice


    Six stars.

    I was worried about paying with zelle, but I got tracking within an hour and my package arrived 48 hours later. 😲

    It’s wonderful!! Delicious and strong! I will be the first to order every restock! I can’t express my gratitude. I think I’m in love. 🌿💚🍵

  4. Will D.

    Very easy to work with. There was a payment issue with Zelle (not Tea for Life’s fault) they helped me work through. Shipment was really fast, product excellent.

  5. Adam

    I was very happy with my purchase. It arrived quickly and I am now a believer in this amazing tea. There are so many ways to use it but my favorite is brewed in a cup as tea. I drink it all including the powder as there are many health benefits this truly remarkable plant offers. Thank you TeaForLife 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    Fast shipping, fresh tea.

  7. Anonymous

    Good product, real.

  8. John H.

    Awesome service and products if you buy tea from this company you will no longer need to find any other vendor Inventory is low but they have a email list when they get more I ordered tea from others and still haven’t got it This company delivers Thank You

  9. John

    Great site, always fast and top quality

  10. Danny

    Excellent product and service will definitely buy again.

  11. Will D.

    Same fine product I would, depending upon Customs, get from Peru. It’s refreshing not having to wonder if I’d actually get my order. I also commend TFL for their customer service. I had a bit of a password issue and they responded and rectified it promptly.

  12. Kenneth

    Been drinking this tea for years, can’t say enough. Must try! Thanks for supplying!!

  13. Kenneth

    Love this tea! Can’t wait till more comes in!

  14. Mg

    Great. Fast shipping, which is awesome. Thank you.

  15. Michael B

    You guys are great

  16. Jonathan

    Awesome product and super quick shipping . These guys get it!

  17. Rusty

    Thank you Tea for Life USA for improving my (& others), quality of life!
    Thank you for great customer service & fast shipping!
    May your Holidays Be Bright And Magical!

    • Tea Lover

      Dear Rusty,

      Every day that we receive reports like this are bright and magical!

      The magic of Mama Coca touches all who come into contact with her!

      We sincerely believe there are few ills that coca cannot help with…there should be a National Coca Holiday to celebrate this most life-affirming plant!

  18. Joel R.

    Way beyondbeyond beyond customer servicing!

  19. Robert

    Great product, great service. I cannot ask for more. Thanks!

  20. Lisa

    So I ordered this and received it in 4-5 days and it was great. Such a convenience to order in the US and avoid customs and taking a month to get it. I’ll definitely be ordering every month or so. So happy to have found you guys!!

  21. Jonathan

    Quick shipping from in the USA and excellent tea!

  22. Teresa

    I started using this product because I didn’t want to do hormone replacement therapy while going through pre-menopause, but the symptoms were brutal: Tired all the time, irritability, night sweats, etc.

    The mother of one of my friends – who is from Bolivia – gave me some coca tea and said that’s what they use there for menopause.

    I tried and wow! Immediately felt better! All of the symptoms just went away!

    Here I am some years later and I didn’t need the hormones and I haven’t gained any extra weight associated with middle age – especially in the middle. That’s probably because of all the energy I have for exercise! I am told I look way younger than my age and I am convinced it is the coca products!

    Your particular product is the freshest and best tasting yet!

    I especially like the super fast delivery. Thank you!

    • Tea Lover

      Hey Teresa, that’s wonderful to hear!

      The ancient wisdom handed down in South America over countless generations is priceless. In these days of over-medicating, isn’t it wonderful that something as simple as a cup of tea can reduce the need for so many pharmaceutical interventions? Thanks for sharing your story.

  23. Not Sure

    I absolutely love being able to get my coca leaf in a few days as opposed to a few weeks! Just wish it wasn’t so expensive!

  24. Teresa

    I’ve been buying this product for years and this is by far the best place to buy it! Super fast delivery at a reasonable price and super fresh product!

  25. Christopher

    My favorite so far, this harina de coca (Coca flour) seems a bit more versatile than tea bags, and because it’s micro-pulverized, greater surface area = packs a greater nutritional punch. Tasty, effective, and the service from T4L was spot on. Recommended.

  26. Anonymous

    First thank you for changing my life in the golden? years !
    I am completely different physically, mentally ! Having most my stomach removed in my 30s, and then back and serious nerve pain problems in 50s, my quality of life has improved 99.999% ! Plus I have been able to remove almost all prescription drugs and most PKs ! Even my spouses’ quality of life has changed for the better, due to mine improving.
    Enjoy life!

    • Tea Lover

      Hey there, oh, that’s just awesome! I’m just disappointed we missed that 0.001% to get a perfect score haha.

      Seriously though, *this* is why we do what we do. After so many years, I’m always amazed by stories such as yours – how a simple cup of tea can have such far-reaching and powerful effects of human well-being. May your future years be indeed as golden and fruitful as can be.

      With love,
      Tea for Life USA

  27. longtime coca fan

    I’ve been using coca tea on and off for about the last 30 years and really appreciate the service Mike and Terry are providing here. Previous worries about border customs are eliminated, and the Delisse tea is generally fresh and quite effective. I also like the notification service, good to know when the freshest stuff is available. Mike has also been very helpful and quick to answer emails when I’ve had questions.

    I personally like the teabags best, as they can be ripped open and the contents chewed just like in the Andes.

    In more general terms, I have seen the situation with coca go from the US trying to develop fungal defoliants (bio-warfare) to kill the entire Andean coca crop, to Bolivia booting the DEA out of their country, to being able to order good coca tea from a comfortable armchair here in the US. Mike and Terry, thanks so much for being part of the solution, you guys rock!

    • Tea Lover

      Thanks Dan,

      At last, as you mention, times and attitudes are changing. As society begins to push back against all the dangerous and deadly things that have been marketed to us over the years, it’s just astounding that such a simple, yet powerful, wholefood can create wellness.

      Being part of the solution cannot happen without amazing customers like you, so thanks for your support!

  28. Anne K.

    prompt delivery, the tea is a very mild way to wake up in the morning, and pleasant during the day for a little gumption. No jitters like the caffeine from coffee.
    I got a Aero-Press and it works like a charm. But you have to be patient with it. All good.

  29. harrystevens8

    I love this tea! Its a perfect way to get me going throughout the day and keep me energized and focused!

  30. At Peace

    During the 9 month poignant period in 2016 while out of the blue our oldest brilliant kind loving philanthropist son at age 24 feeling as if “this flu wouldn’t go away” blood work revealed Leukemia. After several torturous chemo rounds then bone marrow transplant that worked, coming home in 3 days to begin his renewed life in a year of sterile isolation, his liver just gave out that day he had “stomach pain” and he was gone.

    We were all there; myself (I lived there basically 24/7), husband, younger brother of 15 months (inseparable all their life), 2 younger sisters whom he treasured. During the times he was home b/t each round of chemo hoping to get him into remission in order to receive life saving transplant (30 day stay in Hsp for each round) I devoted every minute 24/7 of course in caring for him, requiring bathing, tube feedings, injections, Ect. Then he was gone.

    I did not do so well after. Ashamed of my reactions/behavior to take the pain away was wrong and created unnecessary conflict at home. Then the circle of depression, panic attacks, anxiety, deep turmoil and suffering then NOT liking myself and punishing myself emotionally for not adjusting” CORRECTLY and appropriately” to this loss.

    My mother stood up one day 6 mo prior to sons leaving, and she died on the spot. 6 mo after son, my rock, my father also passed. Not such a good year. Don’t get me wrong I was there for my children, husband but I had issues. I have been a dedicated RN for 30+ years and know the conflict of addiction, Ect.

    My point(lol) B/t antidepressants, mood stabilizers, therapy, and more did not work for me UNTIL I had my first cup of TEA. It is a miracle tea that instantly provides focus, clarity, accuracy and BRIGHTNESS, without the feeling of side effects from medications.

    I am finally ME again. Believe me, it took me 2 months of research and hesitantly to place an order. The tea has changed my life back to who I was and am. No longer depressed but just the general reality of sadness and the void but with a remarkable clarity. I no longer punish myself for sinking, I am the giver my soul hungers for.

    So…… many thanks to the Tea for Life team for proving this to the U.S.A. The process has been the Kindest and easiest I have ever experienced. They are there always with comments Ect as if they are sitting next to you. The delivery was unbelievably FAST. I also believe this would benefit the so many suffering people in the medical world (from physical, psychiatric to addiction). Not a cure of course but a non-pharmaceutical treatment to ailments, but that would not go over well …….

    “LIFE” long thank you! Sorry so long😊

    • Tea Lover

      Wow, your review has really touched us. You have been on a journey that nobody should have to endure.

      It pleases us greatly every time we receive a positive report, and your review only convinces us to fight harder to keep bringing this amazing gift of Nature to everyone who wants to try it.

      We have no words but to say thanks to YOU for sharing your story with us.

      The team at Tea for Life USA

  31. Julieanne K.

    Always exactly what you order, VERY friendly service and very quick shipping. A+

  32. Marshall

    Excellent product sent in a timely fashion!

  33. Michael

    Great product, great service and price. Will buy again. Try the tea too. There are some good YouTube videos for the powder.

  34. privusemail

    It’s very healthful tea, a bit overpriced, but good stuff, but you’re out of everything, when is restock likely?

    • Tea Lover

      We’re up and running again!

  35. Russell

    This product is a complete revelation. I am using it to assist with weight loss. I’ve lost over 37 lbs in the last 9 months, the last 6 lbs since Christmas with the assistance of Tea or Life USA. I replace a meal with a cup of tea. I get the instant energy and the appetite is diminished substantially. The big issue at the moment is supply, but Mike is keeping me informed. Just hope it is all sorted out soon, I’m having to ration myself.

  36. Chris

    Ordering again. Fantastic mild stimulant when taken orally, easy to go to sleep after. I needed something to occasionally perk me up at parties after quitting alcohol.

  37. Chelli

    I have been suffering from CVS disorder (Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome), with constant hospital visits around 12 to 15 times a year. There is very little the doctors know of this disorder, and being in hospital getting pumped with Ondansetron, a strong anti-nausea medic given to chemotherapy patients. Even this powerful pharmaceutical medication doesn’t stop me from being sick.

    I tried my first batch of Health Tea, ordered from Tea for Life and I’m happy to say it has cleared my thoughts and worries of when I will next be sick. Instead, it has helped me get on with my day with a clear mind. It has also suppressed my appetite very nicely as I’m trying to lose weight…the current medication I’m on made me put on a lot of weight.

    I have tried this tea before whilst on holiday in Peru, and has the same qualities as I remember.

    I would highly recommend Tea for Life USA to all. I like to drink it with no sugar, and a little bicarb soda added helps greatly in improving the strength of tea. The flavor is almost like a strong green tea. I tend to make it with one big heaped teaspoon and little bicarb soda. I find it very refreshing.

    Thank you Tea for Life USA! I enjoyed every mouthful and I have no doubt that over time the tea will be a great benefit to me and my quality of life – once again, thank you. 😍

  38. Gordie

    Tea exceeded all expectations! Helps immensely with my study, noticed dramatic improvements in focus and thought process. Also gives a lovely euphoric effect Thanks for the super friendly service 🙂

  39. Leea

    I find this tea to be super helpful – I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and I find the tea to be very helpful against the hardcore fatigue I experience mid-morning. I could rattle off a bunch of other benefits/issues but I want people to actually read this review 😉

    I love the taste! I am now a HUGE Aeropress convert, I use it to make the tea and my coffee… so good!

    And of course I honestly can’t review this online shopping experience without mentioning the EXCELLENT SERVICE I have always received. Prompt postage, friendly answers to questions and even personal notes enquiring after the quality of the product and satisfaction with the service.

    Thank you so much 🙂

  40. Angela D

    I was sceptical as most people are when sampling new products. However, whether it is psychosomatic/auto-suggestion, I don’t know but clearly I am feeling so much better in all respects. Dizziness gone (prob blood related), energy levels high (not high as in hyperactive), not craving food (have lost at least 5-6 lbs in prob about 5 days), digestion issues – bloating, reflux and general discomfort in my abdomen ….. all gone!

    I returned from Peru only in recent weeks and of course drank the Coca Tea. It lived up to its health benefits. I am now purchasing more. It’s a pity it’s not allowed to be sold everywhere, I mean really, with all the other drugs on the streets, surely food analysts would be able to define that the tea in powder form is not for snorting nor does it contain quantities of cocaine to create a cocaine powder addiction and sentence you to health ruination! Nevertheless, I’m on line now to purchase more of this herbal tea, coca.

  41. KD

    Ordered on Monday afternoon, arrived Friday morning. With delayed-sleep-phase-disorder I find it takes me a long time to wake up in the morning, as if I am halfway between a dream and the daylight. This tea helps me to become animated rather quickly and I have been enjoying my mornings much more. Quality stuff for sure!

  42. Stuart

    I had been suffering from panic attacks over the last month and I thought I’d risk it with barely nothing from this tea.

    …So I felt a distinct mood lift, mild euphoria and best of all, panic attacks have just about disappeared.
    This is just as good if not better than curcumin + pepper.

    • Tea Lover

      That’s awesome Stuart!
      Chalk up yet another ailment that the tea is good for.
      To be honest, I hadn’t even thought about whether it would be useful for panic attacks, but it stands to reason that it could help. Given the tea is a mild antidepressant, it would probably work in similar ways to the antidepressants often prescribed for panic attacks.

  43. petueli

    I had some of this tea from my friend, which I shared with my mom. My mom is on a diet and when she drank the tea she didn’t feel hungry all the time. She asked me where it came from. Too bad I only had a little tea from my friend….but I ordered more for my mom – I believe she will lose weight very easily…

  44. Glennda

    I’ve been waking up with a foggy brain for ages now (probably hormonal) and its really been getting me down. I came across this tea when I was researching ‘pick me up’ herbs and thought I would give it a go. I purchased the 100g bag. While I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s changed my life, I will say that its been a big help in getting me going every day and it does make me feel pretty good, so all in all a happy success story for me. I have already re-ordered.

  45. Paul

    What can I say? I’m off the pharma meds, my head is clear, after 12 yrs years of chronic illness…I’m back!

    This tea is truly a gift from the gods. No side-effects and tastes great. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your amazing work.

  46. The DOCtor

    I am so stoked with the mobilization of will that this tea generates.
    I honestly don’t know why the entire human race hasn’t integrated it into their everyday lives, because that’s distinctly doable.
    I have been harmed by synthetic pharmaceuticals and I experience great relief from this tea on multiple levels.
    The service is prompt, communication clear and concise, and, well, yeah, the whole shebang freakin’ rocks, basically.

  47. Sue

    After 10 years of fatigue, lethargy and disinterest…I am now overjoyed to say that I am actively engaging in life again and have the confidence to exercise.

    Sincerest gratitude for Mike and the healthiest tea I’ve ever had.

  48. Spencer

    For years I have suffered from chronic migrane headaches where I it feels like my head is in a vice. I’m constantly tired and my head feels full of fog.

    I’ve been slowly trying varieties of treatments and options to help reduce the pain and actually get some work done. Conventional painkillers have had no effect for me and trying to drink Red Bull or coffee for energy just made me jittery.

    I was a bit sceptical about this tea but ordered a sample pack to try and OMG…the difference it has made in my life has been incredible.

    Even though my headaches are still present, the pain is reduced greatly after drinking this tea and I actually have the energy and clear mind to do my work. I straight away ordered a full size pack as I can see this greatly helping me manage the periods when my headache is present and I like that it is a natural product.

    Thanks Mike!

  49. Pete

    Hello Mike

    For whatever reason, and just a good vibe. I always believed your product was genuine and it would turn up one day sooner or later. I really appreciated the email explaining importing issues, now I feel good karma has rewards. Keep up the good work and I will be ordering more. So glad I trusted you. 🙂 Thanks for a great product.

  50. Kylie

    This is amazing tea. It has helped me with everything.

  51. Red

    Very happy, always a pleasure to deal with, never a hassle and always a top product.
    As a musician who works a lot of late nights and a day job, I need something to keep me alert and energetic, and cans of ‘red cow’ do nothing for me..
    Happy camper right here.

  52. Anon

    I can not begin to describe how this tea has changed my life. I will be honest I was very sceptical, but this tea is amazing. Only problem would be the shipping took longer then I would of liked, but other than that everything is excellent.
    Thank you.

  53. Ben

    This cured all of my ‘incurable’ digestive issues. I was in PAIN the moment my package arrived but only 20 mins later felt no pain whatsoever, instead just a warm, pleasant, and relaxing sensation… Really soothing. And have felt fine ever since.
    A miraculous and healing plant when treated with the respect it deserves.

  54. Tim

    Tastes similar to green tea. Good fast postage. I will very likely be buying more. Found it to be quite pleasant.
    Interested in trying with an Aeropress.
    Is it a fully natural product? i.e. Has it had any alkaloids removed? Is it organic?

    • Tea Lover

      Hi Tim, Glad you are enjoying it!

      Yes, the product is fully natural with all alkaloids present. The only processing done to the product, after the leaves are picked and dried, is milling into a fine “flour”.

      The tea is sourced directly from organic native farmers in the highlands in Peru. Similar to the Fair Trade schemes that operate in the coffee industry, this direct supply chain cuts cartels and corporations out of the loop, benefiting both the farmers with better prices for all their hard work, and the consumers with the freshest and purest product available outside of Peru itself.

      You literally would have to venture into the jungle yourself to get any better!

  55. Alex

    The tea is super! It fixed a serious, chronic pain I had been experiencing for years, which pharmacy medicines were failing to prevent.
    I am hoping my next order will last me a year!
    The coffee maker too is fun and produces a smooth coffee, even from bitter grounds, which I did not think was possible.
    Thanks tea for life, you have helped me to enjoy my life the way it was before.

    • Tea Lover

      This type of tea has been well known for centuries to relieve chronic pain – it’s a wonderful analgesic. To hear stories like this of fellow tea drinkers that no longer require pharmaceutical medications really makes my day.

      This tea truly can be used to treat a vast array of conditions, but sadly hardly anyone knows about it, and your doctor certainly isn’t going to recommend trying it!

      It’s amazing to think a humble cup of tea can do so much…way to go Alex!

  56. Freddie

    Excellent product- really like the slow, groovy buzz! I usually have it double. My friends really like it too. Looking forward to ordering again from you soon. Thanks also for the super quick postage.

  57. xavier

    This is brilliant. I mix it in with 2 other teas, usually sweet teas to cut through the bitterness. Fkn delicious!

    Just reordered.

  58. Paul

    the real deal! benefits out of the roof! better replacement for coffee, However in my opinion not very tasty, regardless worth it!

    • Tea Lover

      Thanks Paul. Don’t think I’ll ever give up coffee, as I love the taste. However consuming the tea regularly as I now do, I drink far less coffee, which makes me appreciate the flavour all the more.

      I also happen to think that the “Health Tea” flavour can be a bit bland…however it takes on a whole new dimension in taste *and* potency when you use an AeroPress to make an pressurised extraction. The AeroPress produces a dark brown liquid, as opposed to the regular green appearance you normally get when mixing it with hot water. Also the flavour is markedly better…I’ve had my AeroPress for a couple of months now and no longer make the tea the regular way.

  59. David

    Thank you so much for this great product! I have been drinking this tea for the past couple of months, my current health condition has drastically improved. Helped almost in all aspects of life including: alertness, productiveness, hunger, and my running performance with increased stamina.
    Thank you once again for providing this incredible tea, your service and product are much appreciated.

    Kind regards

  60. Jacob Hughes

    Such a fantastic product, tasty and energizing. Would very highly recommend.
    Just wish I could afford more >.<

    • Tea Lover

      Thanks Jacob. We are working very hard with our supplier in order to get the prices down further. Our aim is to make the tea accessible for all – hopefully we will not fail in our mission!

  61. Heath U

    Was looking up info about Peru, for some travel I’m about to do. This Tea had been mentioned many times in regards to altitude sickness, but I started reading about the other benefits from drinking the tea. Thought I would give it a try, by ordering a sample pack from Tea for Life USA.

    I very much like the taste and found it great to suppress my appetite. So far, after the first month of use, it has helped me to lose 11 pounds. It has given me more energy to help me get through the day too.

  62. gen gardener

    very happy all round…service, communication, quality of tea and best of all I can now buy in the USA, which is marvelous.
    Tea for living!!

  63. Robb V (verified owner)

    Awesome quality tea, great communication and super quick delivery – AND ALL FROM WITHIN THE USA!! No complaints whatsoever. A+

  64. Happy Customer (verified owner)

    I’d been getting whole leaf tea from my local wholefoods store, and was a little dubious about brewing up powder. This is so much better than the whole leaf I was used to… tastier, and noticeably much more effective. What a great product and good service! Its also brilliant not having to suffer the pitfalls and risk of ordering from overseas. Highly recommended!

  65. Tea Lover (site owner)

    Biased review – This tea has given me a new lease on life. I drink it every day to combat depression and fatigue.

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