Buying Coca Tea with your Credit Card (via Bitcoin) is easier than you may think!

Dear valued customer,

As you may know, it’s become harder to buy Coca Tea in the USA in recent times due to credit card companies refusing to support progressive sellers such as ourselves.

It’s truly sad that in these “enlightened” times we’re faced with huge difficulties in supplying this amazing gift of nature known as Coca Tea.

We’ve accepted Bitcoin for a while now, but not many customers have used this option.  And we can understand why!  Bitcoin has been confusing for many non-techie people, and it’s not always easy to find a reputable company to buy Bitcoin from.

Not any more!

We’ve partnered with Coinbase, a trusted company that makes it super easy to sign up and buy Bitcoin currency with your credit card.

Coinbase has taken all the technical difficulty out of the process, and you can sign up and buy Bitcoin within a matter of minutes!

So, if you want to purchase some of our amazing Coca Tea, why not click on the button below and sign up for Coinbase?  Once you have signed up, come back to this page and follow the step-by-step instructions below, and we’ll show you how to complete your Tea for Life purchase with Bitcoin 🙂

How to Buy Coca Tea with Bitcoin

Step 1 – Sign up with Coinbase only using the green button below

  • Don’t install the app on your smartphone yet – only use our button below:

Notes for a painless Coinbase sign-up 🙂

There are two parts to getting Coinbase setup to buy Bitcoin with your cerdit card.

Part One

Use the green button on this page to begin the signup up.  You can use any device for this part.

One you’ve signed up and verified your email address with Coinbase, then it’s time to move on to Part Two, where we verify your ID with Coinbase.

Part Two

  • After you sign up, you’ll need to provide some photo ID to verify your account.  So…
  • The easiest way is to install the Coinbase App on your phone!  Your device will need a camera to upload or take a pic of your ID, and the Coinbase App for iPhone or Android will make it easiest.  If you haven’t already, install the Coinbase App on your phone or tablet…
    Appstore Playstore

If you have any trouble signing up with Coinbase, Contact Us and we’ll try to help!

The Tea for Life USA Team