A Glimmer of Hope from Peru

Well, it’s been a while since we updated our humble little tea shop website.

When the pandemic first started, we thought we’d have problems getting from for a couple months or so.

Boy did we underestimate how long it would take to get things moving again!

Lately however, we have had some news that has renewed our hope. A short while ago, the government of Peru announced that they would be reopening international shipping links again to the outside world.

It was news that we have been waiting months for.

If all goes according to government plan, shipping will resume in early October.

We won’t know how long after that date that we will receive new stock of our beloved Delisse Coca Tea. The world has changed somewhat this year, and we expect there to be quite a bit of backlog of shipments to clear out of that country.

In the past, our shipments usually take a couple of weeks to get to us, so if I had to hazard a guess, all going well, we will hopefully see some stock start to arrive sometime in early November at the earliest. Please take this estimation with a large grain of salt, as it could easily slip into December, or even beyond.

As more information comes to hand, we will publish updates to this post.

To all our valued customers who have been hanging out for more of our Delisse Coca Tea, we feel you – it has been a long time between drinks even for us.

Stay well,

Mike and Terry
The tea lovers

Stock Delays During Pandemic – Want to Stay Notified?

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