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From Peru!

Delisse Coca Tea

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From Peru!

Delisse Coca Tea

Delisse Coca Tea Powder

From Peru!
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During the 9 month poignant period in 2016 while out of the blue our oldest brilliant kind loving philanthropist son at age 24 feeling as if “this flu wouldn’t go away” blood work revealed Leukemia. After several torturous chemo rounds then bone marrow transplant that worked, coming home in 3 days to begin his renewed life in a year of sterile isolation, his liver just gave out that day he had “stomach pain” and he was gone. We were all there; myself (I lived there basically 24/7), husband, younger brother of 15 months (inseparable all their life), 2 younger sisters whom he treasured. During the times he was home b/t each round of chemo hoping to get him into remission in order to receive life saving transplant (30 day stay in Hsp for each round) I devoted every minute 24/7 of course in caring for him, requiring bathing, tube feedings, injections, Ect. Then he was gone. I did not do so well after. Ashamed of my reactions/behavior to take the pain away was wrong and created unnecessary conflict at home. Then the circle of depression, panic attacks, anxiety, deep turmoil and suffering then NOT liking myself and punishing myself emotionally for not adjusting” CORRECTLY and appropriately” to this loss. My mother stood up one day 6 mo prior to sons leaving, and she died on the spot. 6 mo after son, my rock, my father also passed. Not such a good year. Don’t get me wrong I was there for my children, husband but I had issues. I have been a dedicated RN for 30+ years and know the conflict of addiction, Ect. My point(lol) B/t antidepressants, mood stabilizers, therapy, and more did not work for me UNTIL I had my first cup of TEA. It is a miracle tea that instantly provides focus, clarity, accuracy and BRIGHTNESS, without the feeling of side effects from medications. I am finally ME again. Believe me, it took me 2 months of research and hesitantly to place an order. The tea has changed my life back to who I was and am. No longer depressed but just the general reality of sadness and the void but with a remarkable clarity. I no longer punish myself for sinking, I am the giver my soul hungers for. So…… many thanks to the Tea for Life team for proving this to the U.S.A. The process has been the Kindest and easiest I have ever experienced. They are there always with comments Ect as if they are sitting next to you. The delivery was unbelievably FAST. I also believe this would benefit the so many suffering people in the medical world (from physical, psychiatric to addiction). Not a cure of course but a non-pharmaceutical treatment to ailments, but that would not go over well ……. “LIFE” long thank you! Sorry so long😊

At Peace
July 27, 2019

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